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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maddona adopt a baby from Duggar Family, Duggar family-18 child and 1 grand child

Speaking of baby snatchers, the terrible Maddona witch has taken a stick, black as coal, and scratched it on an old piece of parchment. The script appeared blood red on the paper, and spelled out an impassioned letter to the people of Malawi, pleading them to let her adopt baby Mercy. "I want to provide Mercy with a home, a loving family environment and the best education and healthcare possible," the letter insisted. Then it took a terrifying turn. "I also want her to eats worms and sing Bonobo songs backwards and I want her to carry little sachets of bones on her belt and sometimes she will appear to float and other times her eyes will glow, dark black, and she will whisper to you when you are asleep and a thousand miles away and she will tell you to do wicked deeds and when you wake the next morning you will do them. Your neighbors' chickens will die, their wives go barren. And it will be all the doing of the, ironically named, I know, Mercy. Then, when she comes of age, I will eat her, while cackling and moaning, gristle and blood and hair and bits tumbling out of my snarled, fang-filled mouth. So, you know, please Malawi, please just try to see it from my side."
Gross on toast. That horrifying Duggar family—the horrid religio-nut hillbillies from Arkansas with 18 children—are reproducing again. Though this time it's oldest son Joshua who had a furtive, shame-filled, sweaty fucking and gurgle-wept into a pillow afterward. He's gone and gotten his new child bride Anna, 20, pregnant. They were on the Today show this morning and your dedicated gossip roundupper was maybe putting his socks on and dry-heaving. Sometimes when Joshua is driving down the road in his enormous, stupid, needless pickup truck he'll get quick flashes of that night—the boobs and the precious opening and other pink, mealy things, the slapping and squishing, the sighs and grunts—and he'll suddenly burst into giddy, worried, farting tears and have to pull over to the side of the road, put his head between his knees, take deep breaths, and pray. It's just too much.

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