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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mahendra Singh Dhoni- The Fearless, M S D- in the Eye of A Storm

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the enigma of Indian cricket. Over a period of last three years, he has risen higher and higher like a comet. When he was chosen as the captain of Indian Cricket Team
for the T 20 World Cup in South Africa ahead of seniors like Sehwag, Yubi and Bhazzi, every one was surprised and none had thought that the team had any chance(remember, the team was without the fantastic four as well as Kumble and Zahir. That was just the begining. He then showed the guts to drop Rahul & Saurav from the Indin Team and still defeated the mighty Austrelians in their den for the first time in the history of Indian Cricket. Then he became the highest paid cricketer in IPL-2008. MSD ably led the Chenni Super Kings to final only to lose in the last ball to Rajasthan Royals. But is he running out of luck of late? Firstly, his team has lost in the semifinals of IPL-2009. Then, during the ongoing T 20 world cup, he got involved in some tense verbal duel with the Indian Journalists present in UK to cover the world cup. This won't make him any popularand the media is ready to tear him apart if the team does badly in the tournament. MSD is better be careful!!

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