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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Global Warming Leading to the Climatic Changes, Globa Warming- Its Dangers

A team of scientists has carried out a research regarding the changes in the surface temperatures in the Indian Ocean and its possible relationship with global warming. The research was done by Nobuko Nakamura and his team from the University of Tokyo, along with Timothy R. McClanahan from Wildlife Conservation Society, and Swadhin K. Behera from the Frontier Research Center for Global Change, Yokohama, Japan. Recently, the temperature variation has become a major determining factor on the weather variations in the Indian Ocean region. Abnormally warm sea surface temperatures in the western Indian Ocean are accompanied by severe droughts over the Indonesian region and heavy rainfall over east Africa. To learn more about the effect of global warming on the climatic change in the Indian Ocean Region , the team of scientists studied a 115-year coral record from Kenya. They analyzed coral oxygen isotope ratios, which trace rainfall anomalies too. The results add to the evidence that the temperature variation has been occurring more frequently in recent decades. The researchers suggested that global warming effects on the western Indian Ocean have driven the observed shift in temperature variability and this changes ultimately lead to adverse climatic events like drought, heavy rainfall or fierce cyclonic weather . The results of the research and the recomendations have been discussed in the international conferrence at Copenhagen occured at december 2009.(ANI)

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