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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Amir Khan- numbero uno in Bollywood

Amir Khan is the new numbero uno in bollywood.
He is becoming no 1 over last two years. In 2007, Tare Zame Par was released under hisdirection.It was a favoulus as well as a sensitive movie. Then in 2008, he produced Jane Tu Ya Jane Na, starringImran Khan(Amir' nephew) & Genelia Desuza. This movie also was a delight to watch and a huge box office success. Finally Gajani released in dec' 2008. Though there is nothing extra ordinari in this movie like TJP and Jane Tu......, it was a huge box office success. It made business > 260 crores, which makes it the biggest hit in the history of bllywood. The key factor of the success was one and only Amir Khan, ho toiled hard for one & half years to build a eight pack abs.
What are the secrets of success of Amir?

* He is a perfectionist.

* He is very selective about a film.

* He gives n all out effort for any film including change in body & ambience.
He got an ace up his sleves( his upcoming film- Raj Kumar Hirani's Three Idots )
Surely we have plenty to see from Amir in future!

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