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Monday, March 16, 2009

Love Tips

Tired! Exhausted! Bored!
Here are some tips to rejuvenate your love life.
1) Better communication always helps. Give a call to your partner from your worklng place. Share a SMS or two.
2) Have one meal together. It may be breakfast or dinner as per your convenience.
3) Candle-lit dinner once in a month or two.
4) Go out for a movie / theatre/ marketing once in a while. Enjoy a cup of coffee after a walk.
5) Go for a long drive lf possible.
6) If long vacation is not possible,a short trip for 3-4 days san make you fresh.
7)Give him/her a surprise gift(a card/a rose/a pendent) on trivial occasions.
8) Never ever forget a birthday/anniversery, you w'll asking for trouble!
Last but not the least, A HEALTHY SEXUAL LIFE IS A MUST!

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