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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Funny Sardar jokes

While travelling a sardar was carrying a binocular with him.

But he never seemed to use it while looking outside the window.

A co-passenger who was travelling with him asked why he was carrying binoculars.

The sardar simply said …
“I am on my way to see a distant relative.”


Once, two Sardars were feeling bored and decided to play a few games

of chess to pass the time.

They were doing this for some time, when two more sardar friends

dropped by. Seeing them play chess, they said -

“Come on guys, we are feeling bored too. Let us play doubles!”

Our Sardar, one day is at the railway station. He asks one man “When will Rajdhani Express go from here”?Man Replies 12.30. “When will Punjab Express go from here”?Man Replies 10.30. “When will Deccan Queen go from here”?Man Replies 12.30. Thus the sardar goes on asking for all the trains. Now the man gets fed up and asks whether he wants to go to punjab by train or not.Sardar replies, “NO. I only want to cross the tracks!”

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