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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Essentials of Love and Relationships

Love is the most important part of any relationship. without love nothing is live. Love makes a relationship brighter day by day. As time passes, love grows and love matures. The essentials of Love and relationship are :

Love Thyself

It is a fact that if you can't love yourself you cant love anyone else. Self-esteem is also a key ingredient for a healthy relationship. It is good to lean on your partner for reassurance but you, as an individual should be strong to support your relationship through any kind of crisis.

Mutual Love

First of all for a relationship to exist, two people should like each other. And love of all relationships is not static one. If you are in love with each other and agree on what each of you think and behave then a relationship will not have too many problems. Encouraging words help in supporting and building trust and respect.

Spend Quality Time

These days the importance of things can be measured with the amount of time spent on it. It so happens that couples more time initially in a relationship. Later they get busier with other things in life. When this happens it is time for both to sit down and make a priority list. Spending less time together can cause couples to drift away.


Communication is the core of any relation ship, more so in the case of a love relationship. It is through communication that you can tell your partner what you are thinking, what you want. Talking can also make a relationship strong as there will also be intellectual bonding as well. It is also important to say things openly and honestly. Communication also includes listening to your partner patiently.

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