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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A.R.Rahaman-A musical genious

A.R. Rahman is simply a genius. He is nothing but a magician in music world. He has won two oscars
for Slumdog Millonare where he has done a favoulus work. But lot of people think that he has given better
music in many a films.
Here is ten best musical scores:
1) Roja- music for soul- Ye hasin wadia
foottapping music- Rukmini, rukmini
2)Bombey- music for soul- Tuhi re
foottapping music- Hamma, hamma
3)Dil Se- music for soul- Oh ajnabi
foottapping music- Chhaia, chhaia
4) Lagan- music for soul- Radha kaise na jale

5)Taal- music for soul- Yask bena keya
foottapping music- Mein ramta jogi
6) Yuba- music for soul- Kabhi neem neem
foottapping music- Fanna, fanna
7) Rang de Basanti- music for soul- Ruboru
foottaping music- Masti ke paathsala
8) Jane tu yah jane na- music for soul- Kabhi, kabhi
foottpping music- Pappu can't dance sala
9) Jodha Akbar- music for soul- Kaheno jason
foottapping music- Khaja mere
10) Delhi 6 - music for anything- Massa Kali

If you differ, please give your comment!

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